Vitaly Design - 2015 Collection

Remember back in the day (my day that is) when you and your boys would make a trip to the mall and spend all the money you saved up to buy a customized dog tag? Well, THANK GOD those days are gone! The new era of urban and street jewelry is here and Vitaly is leading the charge. This Canadian based brand has reimagined how men view rings and pendants and provide curated looks that not only exemplify style but provide edge and character.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Vitaly team at the 2014 Capsule Trade Show in Las Vegas and I instantly fell in love with their pieces. For a long time I was convinced I’d never wear a necklace or pendant again (especially after the dog tag days) because I thought they looked cheap and gave off an arrogant or “aspiring rapper” vibe.

Just four years after launching the Canadian jewelry company, Shane Vitaly Foran and crew debut their 2015 collection. Impressive is an understatement. From a flurry of new pendants & chains (drawing inspiration from a variety of farming tools), to attention grabbing bracelets and rings (both single and doubles); Vitaly is slowly but emerging as a staple must have item for those who identify themselves as fashion forward.

Whether you wear jewelry every day, for special occasions, or seasonally… there is something for everyone. My top 5 picks are below just as inspiration, but I encourage you to check out their collection ASAP because just like past seasons, they’ll sell out fast!