New York Fashion Week: Men's Edition

For the most part, fashion week shows are hit and miss for me. They are often way too concept based and you almost NEVER see the models wearing anything remotely close to what is made available to the every day consumer. But the debut men's fashion week in New York had something a little different to offer and, needless to say, it definitely took me by surprise.

Not only were the styles new and fresh, they were realistic and digestable. From the colors to presentation, layers to fits, all of the shows seemed to have a "I was thinking of my end consumer" feel - which I LOVE!

Now, this could be for many reason including the fact that (a) most men aren't willing to be as risque as women, (b) most concept runway fashion is geared toward woman's lines, (c)  doing a men's show has to appeal to a certain audience (especially the first one) in order for it to be successful. No matter the reason, I respect the vision of all designers; however, my style and personal aesthetic has an affinity for business casual looks - and that was particularly widespread at many of the shows this year.

So as we wind down the summer and save up our coins over the winter to refresh our wardrobes, here's what you need to know before you hit the store this Spring!

  • Longline shirts are here to stay
  • 3/4 length pants/shorts/capris or whatever you want to label them are now "in style"
  • The "Classic Man" look has been fully embraced
  • For Suits: If it's not vested, it's double breasted
  • Patterned blazers... are in
  • White please (Before AND after Labor Day)