River Island - Hidden Treasures

I've never been an advocate for purchasing clothing online because I treasure the shopping experience. There's something euphoric about going to a store, feeling the garments, trying clothes on and walking out of the store with a bag filled with YOUR curated looks. 

But let me not get too emotional here...

The one brand that convinced me to break my golden rule, only because it's not available in US stores, is the UK based fashion label: River Island.

Comparatively speaking, River Island is a fashion forward and much more distinguished Topman. Not only are the fits perfect for a frame that's tall and skinny, the options are unlimited and the tailoring for off their off the rack collection is top notch. What I admire most about this brand is their willingness to be creative yet still maintain a classic and refined aesthetic. River Island gives bespoke tailoring, monochromes, and neutral tones a modern twist that is both casual, professional, and leisurely appetizing for all. 

Don't just take my word for it, check out their online store for yourself!