Style 101: Blended Confidence

Blending in is overrated. Anyone that knows me knows that my heart is in the Midwest; I was born in Detroit, and raised in Chicago. However, making it back this Memorial Day Weekend made me realize how laid back and "safe" the Midwest style really is. I was always a fashion forward guy living in the Windy City, but New York City has really taught me how to be bold and daring with my style. I ditched the "NO HATS WHATSOEVER" rule and adopted the brim, scratched the loafers and bought Chelsea boots, and I've even been purchasing black clothing (which I had never done before... EVER).

My outfit for the holiday was nothing short of my new found street style and I was so confident wearing it out... the compliments definitely validated that my eye for fashion is still seeing 20/20.

Brands worth noting:

Hat: JJ Hat Shop/Pork Pie Hatters
Jacket: Levis
Pants: Standard Clothe (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes: Cole Haan
Jewelry: Vitaly Design
Watch: Invicta