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4 Essential Items You Need This Fall


4 Essential Items You Need This Fall

Aaron x Andrews

Ahh, sweater weather is finally here. For those of you that love fashion, then the fall is more than likely your favorite season. Why? Not only are Chelsea Boots no longer looked at as you trying too hard to stay stylish, but 'tis the season to layer!

Gone are the days when men are seen sweating at the train stations wearing suits, and no longer do you only have to cycle the handful of t-shirts that you own for an enjoyable and comfortable look on the weekends. The fall season is your time to shine and exhibit the style you have.

Now in order to show off your #modernstyle properly, here are four pieces that I recommend purchasing this year. These options are versatile, comfortable and will instantly update your existing wardrobe.

1. Brown Boots

The fall is the best time to switch between boots and sneakers. We all want to be dressed to the nines morning, noon and night... But considering the uncertain weather and up and down temperatures, it's necessary to have a few pairs of versatile shoes laying around.

When it comes to interchanging versatile looks, the bean boot should definitely get your consideration. It's lightweight and versatile . It's worn best with a pair of nice wool socks, cuffed jeans and a textured sweater. 

However, the Chelsea boot is by far my favorite style of the season, preferably in suede, this look can enhance your casual looks and add edge, distinction, and class (yes, it is possible to be edgy and classy) . My favorite pair are the Aldo "Mr. B's" Chocolate Suede Boot.

2. Crewneck Sweaters

People have their qualms about men wearing crewneck sweaters to work, but I'm here to dispel them. If you're like me, you have a hard time wearing a dress shirt and no tie. There's something about it that just doesn't feel right or look right... just my opinion. I love re-imagining the shirt/tie combo during the Summer season and pair them with chino's and jean's for a casually refined look. However, it's hard to do that during the fall with the up and down temperatures.

My go-to top layer has been the gray crewneck, it looks great when paired with a white shirt and a colored tie. You can get any style and fit that matches your style; whether it's textured, cashmere, wool or standard cotton blend. 

The top colors to wear this season include: Moss Green, Grey, White/off white, and Orange. Check out the wide variety of knitwear options on Mr. Porter.

3. Wool and Cashmere Socks

Not just your simple 12-pack of white or black sock that you purchased from Target while you picked up groceries, I'm talking about stylish, colorful, expressive socks that come in packs of one or two. Invest in a few colors that compliment (not match) your looks.

A few colors to consider (whether individual or in combination) include navy blue, red, forest green, and gray. Any of these colors will fit your look. Our #modernstyle brand to consider this fall is Corgi.

4. Leather Biker Jackets and Fishtail Parka's

Jackets are the perfect exclamation mark to an outfit. A lightweight parka is my preferred jacket for the fall, olive green works best, but the leather biker jacket is all the craze this season.

I must admit, this is the first time I've ever suggested a leather jacket, but there's just something about the style, contour, texture, and overall look of a detailed jacket that I have grown to admire and fawn over.  Leather jackets are the only place where shoulder pads are cool. and zippers. and buckles. and the list goes on. Jackets are the boldest items to wear in the fall and they make or break your outfit.

A great jacket only enhances pieces and spark the curiosity of your fashion admirers; bad one's only encourage them to overlook what's going on underneath. Check out these bold and versatile options you can try on this fall. 

So now that you have some inspiration, get out and create your perfect fall look!