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Tie-cessories Pt. 1 - The Tie Bar


Tie-cessories Pt. 1 - The Tie Bar

Aaron x Andrews

The tie bar truly is a classic and timeless accessory in menswear. Wearing one while you're dressed up screams Wall Street Success, and wearing one while you're dressed casual let's everyone know that you are the definition of comfort in style.

To explain how to wear a tie bar, I turn to GQ who eloquently exhibits the proper procedure in wearing this quintessential piece.

Now that GQ equipped you with the basics, here are a few things to consider before you walk out the door with your brand new look.

1. Match it up. If you are going to invest in a look, take pride in matching silver with silver and gold with gold. Trust me, these subtle details go a long way! Matching your gold watch with a gold accessory or silver watch with a silver bar just shows that you are truly committed to your look and shows that you have an eye for detail.

2. Use the tie bar to clip your tie to your shirt. When it comes down to it, the whole point of wearing a tie bar is to keep your tie in place. Plain and simple. The design, color, and extra character designers add is just the cherry on top.

3. Find your zone. Make sure your tie bar is placed at just the right height. Don't go too high, and don't go too low. The best "zone" is often aligned perfectly with the pocket seam on your suit jacket. If you're just wearing a shirt and tie, try flirting with the third button on your dress shirt.

Now to the fun part! Here are a few inspirational looks that'll help you rock the perfect tie-bar look this fall!