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Denim Diary Pt. 1 (Skinny Jeans)


Denim Diary Pt. 1 (Skinny Jeans)

Aaron x Andrews

The skinny jean is by far the most polarizing menswear item of the last decade. We've all seen skinny jeans that work for men, and we've all seen men work hard to look comfortable in their skin tight jeggings. However, when worn right, the perfect skinny jean can transform your look and make your style appear tailored and high fashion.

If your like my mother, you may have thought the skinny jean era was going to quickly fade away, just like how bell bottomed and baggy pants were left in the 20th century. Well, that's definitely not the case, and to be honest, skinny jeans are my preferred look for men. 

Just like with every style, there are rules (yeah I know... I hate rules too). However, these rules are made to help, not hinder, your style and keep you looking appropriate. Even the nine-to-five professional can wear skinny jeans come Casual Fridays and not look like they're headed to a rave after work. 

So with all of the options out there from traditional slim fit to skinny, spray on to distressed; here is a quick fit guide to which fits and washes work best for each look you are going for.

Traditional Skinny Fit

Dressed up or down, this look works best when paired with an untucked shirt, draped with a jacket, blazer, or a statement sweater. I suggest playing with the cuff when you take on this look. Unlike the other styles, the traditional skinny fit does not have a tapered leg. This means that even though you have a fitted look throughout, wearing the wrong shoe could set up for a sloppy ending. You'll need to play with your pinrolling and cuffing skills here to make sure you're delivering a well curated look.

Stretch Skinny

If you're bold enough to take the skinny fit and own it, you should definitely consider a more slimming pair of skinny jeans. These jeans are the most comfortable out of the fits as they form to your body much easier than skinny denim. Wear this option with a clean blazer, polo, or dress it down with your favorite t-shirt. Try to wear low top shoes with this look or tuck the jean into your favorite pair of boots. Wearing these with hi top sneakers can get tricky and the ripples around the knee could make it look like your pants are too skinny.

Distressed Skinny

This past summer, the Distressed/unstructured jean made its case as being one of the top emerging looks in menswear. Despite what you may believe, these jeans can be tricky to wear! Don't give in too much to the unstructured impression the jeans give off and keep your look tailored. Try pairing these jeans with a classic white t-shirt or designer shirt, a crisp pair of white shoes or Chelsea boots and give your style admirers an extra style punch by wearing a statement jacket of your choosing.

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