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The Ultimate Jogger Guide


The Ultimate Jogger Guide

Aaron x Andrews

This summer has definitely been the summer of the Joggers. They were introduced a few years ago, but just like with every great style - it takes time for the rest of America to recognize real. :)

I recently bought my first pair for the J. Cole concert in Chicago and was calling everyone I knew for advice on what they thought looked best. As a shopper, I'm the most indecisive person there is; I'm sure the retail associate at Urban Outfitters thought I was crazy because I walked around the store for about an hour asking him which one he prefferred as if he was making the purchase.

When new fads and styles come out, every brand wants to jump on board. Thanks to Zanerobe, here are are the top styles that have emerged this summer (in jogger form) that you may want to consider next time you are left making a life altering decision.


Resources to consider:

Nordstrom: 3 Ways to Wear Jogger Pants